Experience Based Knowledge Reference Guide

Experience Based Knowledge Defined by Perio NexUs (PNU): 

Knowledge gained through outcomes of a decision making process; the process may include applying problem solving skills and past experiences of the individual or others.  Experience based knowledge differs from evidence based knowledge in that it may not have supporting research for it’s application and due to many individual variables, it may be controversial. Differences in opinions, application techniques and individual outcomes can influence how various members of the profession view it.

#1) Innovative Fluoride Application Technique

by: Danna Munro, 21yrs as a registered clinical dental hygienist, practiced in B.C., MB and now ON, Canada

Required Armamentarium and Technique:

– Explain prophy paste tooth microabrasion and rational for its use, provide options the client my choose from.

– My clients tend to choose this technique of fluoride application

– Floss first

– Instruct client to remain open mouth for the duration

– Tooth Brush application of gel fluoride to all teeth surfaces

– Prophy head and rubber cup immediately after brushing fluoride on

– Suction with saliva ejector during the whole process

– No rinsing, have client expectorate excess & instruct to wait a 1/2 hour before eating, rinsing or drinking

– Bill as a fluoride treatment at fee guide fee or above due to increased time and supply requirements.


– Gagging clients can not tolerate fluoride trays, I do not use the rinses.

– Polishing is either selective or not required yet clients still enjoy the results

– Closing the mouth on the suction is no longer acceptable

– Clients deserve service and value for their money, fluoride needs to be on the teeth for a minimum of two minutes for 80% uptake and I personally question the effectiveness of fluoride distribution with the tray application technique.


– 100% compliance

– 100% satisfaction without a polish

– I control where the fluoride gel is being applied by tooth brushing it on ALL tooth surfaces

– I control the saliva and ingestion with the ejector while the client maintains an open mouth

– Some insurance companies will only pay the fee guide rates therefore requiring some out of pocket expense for the client, however they have saved on the polish expense.