As a social enterprise, the mission of Perio NexUs is to grow and provide continuing education resources to health care providers through service design.  Perio NexUs strives to become a web-hub educational institution of affordable life time learning and resources to the health care provider community with a focus on the dental hygiene profession.

The purposeful intent of Perio NexUs is that through learning and networking the professional dental hygienist individual will be ignited with inspiration to aspire beyond who they are when they start and this will transcend through our tribe Perio NexUs to provide dental care excellence to the public in the clinic and community.  Perio NexUs recognizes the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration and engagement in the health care industry, therefore The Perio NexUs Mission includes web-networking amongst these professionals and a goal to include continuing education topics of interest to other health care professions globally.

The Social goal of Perio NexUs is that as the tribe members invest in their professional continuing education, they will also be contributing to aid less fortunate individuals with necessary health care for optimal health.



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