Cont Ed Course: Contamination Complacency

Dental Hygienists and other Interdisciplinary Health Professionals continuing education evening that will benefit The Ottawa Mission Dental Program: Please visit:

Reviewing suggested gov’t guidelines on health and safety for clinics who serve the public.

Protecting yourself as a clinician and the public you serve.

Monday June 8th, 7 – 9pm



1309 Carling @ bitHeads theatre (Ottawa)

Westgate Mall

Thank you to bitHeads for donating their theatre for the evening!


Visit & Register @


Dr. Tom Harle will open the evening to introduce you to what he and other professionals are doing at The Ottawa Mission.

The revenue after expenses generated from this event will be donated The Ottawa Mission Dental Program and the bitHeads charity choice: The Boys and Girls Club.


Routine Practices and Additional Precautions in all Health Care Settings:  Our guest speaker is John McCarthy, previous Assistant Division Safety, Health and Safety Officer for the Ottawa Emergency and Protective Services/Fire.  John brings a wealth of international education in the area of best practices coupled with first hand training and experience as a First Responder.


Learn insights and proper use of protective equipment for you as in individual.  John will review What The Chain of Infection is, use of protective barriers and Personal Protective Equipment, why handling, care and laundering your uniforms is an integral part of The Chain, why having systems in place is important for the public protection  and your protection.  His stories about real situations and best practices will motivate you to re-evaluate your current practice. John will be using reference to our provincial clinical manual: Routine Practices and Additional Precautions in all Health Care Settings there are mandates by our provincial governement Quality Assurance Committee, this evening will give you reference material and a check list of what is mandatory for all health clinics serving the public. Take action making changes to your practices, re-evaluate the importance of why, what, where and how you maintain optimum  protection and quality assurance for you and your clients.

Bring a colleague from another profession, use this interprofessioanl collaborative environment to learn together and from each other. “Invest in your Knowledge, Professional Network & Community.”

Contamination Complacency Ad Pic





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