Experience Based Knowledge Shared with Dental Program Graduates

Experience Based Knowledge Shared with Dental Program Graduates

Dental Hygiene, Dental, Dental Therapists and Dental Assisting/Nursing programs, both Canadian and International, will soon be graduating classes of what could be termed “dental professional newbies”.

Much can be said about what graduating professionals have to offer the dental profession.  They begin their career with cutting edge evidence based knowledge, passion and aspirations; however, there is much to be learned in a real and practical clinical world.  In the trenches is where experience based knowledge is learned, shared and used.  Here at PNU, the Perio NexUs Tribe is given a platform to collaborate and collectively mentor the newbies; our experience based knowledge acquired through years of experience in the field has enabled us to innovate new techniques.

Experience Based Knowledge Defined by Perio NexUs (PNU): 

Knowledge gained through outcomes of a decision making process; the process may include applying problem solving skills and past experiences of the individual or others.  Experience based knowledge differs from evidence based knowledge in that it may not have supporting research for it’s application and due to many individual variables, it may be controversial. Differences in opinions, application techniques and individual outcomes can influence how various members of the profession view it.

For the benefit of the profession and public care, the contribution of experience based knowledge to the success of our professional practices makes it worthy of record and discussion, while the lack of recorded evidence supporting it’s application makes it subject to future research.

Danna Munro, R.D.H.,04/15

Experience based knowledge generally is outside of the text books and it contributes to practice success.  I encourage Perio NexUs Tribe members to contribute to this topic by sharing your own experience based knowledge regardless of who the innovator may be.  If you are the innovator please elaborate, providing your rational, technique and outcome experience.

Disclosure: Please contribute to this on going topic at any time, you may choose to remain anonymous or share information such as your name/initials, number of years practiced, country/location with your preferred details.  Contributors to this topic must understand that the information you share with PNU for this community is for publication purposes to benefit the profession and public.

Visit the Perio NexUs website for the: Experience Based Knowledge Reference Guide

1) Innovative Fluoride Application Technique by: Danna Munro, R.D.H.


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